Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control
Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control
1115 E Kimberly Ave
AnaheimCA 92801
 (714) 632-3600

Reviews Of Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control

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Brenda Copeland McCroskey
Mar 01, 2018

I use Marshall and Suncrest for all of your property sales - they are honest, usually the best price, and great to work with. They have their own crew, and don't sub out for tenting, which is rare, and really saves our customers money. Marshall and his team have saved several deals for me - some dramatic stories I won't go in to, but they have provided a solution and saved the day on several occasions. All the staff is super helpful and friendly - I love working with them and probably use them on about 15 deals a year, plus referring them to my clients for regular work and other agents as just a great, family owned Pest control company. I even use them for my own home! Can't say enough about Suncrest Exterminating. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Joyce Young
Feb 17, 2018

Extremely satisfied with this company!!! I was able to get an inspector out within a week of my request. I receive a resonable and fair estimate for wood repairs/itimized with recommendations to be completed. The wood work was completed prior to the tenting and the workers where consciousness of their work during the wood replacement, painting and clean up. Was extremely satisfied. The tenting went well and the home was ready as promised. I purchased the title replacement option and was happy I did. 57 titles needed to be replaced and once again a crew came back within a week to complete the job. The customer service was exceptional always taking my call and answering my questions as requested. The representatives were courteous and I always felt comfortable when I called or corresponded with them. I was kept abreast of what and when events would occur and everything was done timely and as requested. I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend this company - Suncrest Extermining and Pest Control. If you are looking for repairs and or fumigation of dry wood termites go with Suncrest you will be more

Christina V. Aigner
Jan 30, 2018

Suncrest does an excellent job! They are super reliable, reachable and were within the time window they suggested to come! I highly recommend Suncrest!

Martin Boags
Jan 20, 2018

They did the perfect job! No damage, tent went on and off on schedule and they were highly responsive. Very happy! Martin

Alex Dimitroff
Jan 01, 2018

Fast and very professional

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