Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control
Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control
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Reviews Of Suncrest Exterminating Termite & Pest Control

4.85 73 Reviews
Aug 06, 2017

Great job!

Suzy Hsia
Jun 13, 2017

Good repair work and fast.

Clayton Cunningham
Jun 06, 2017

Very professional Company . Good experience !

Don Curo
May 23, 2017

So far not happy. We are seeing more of the insects we originally had before we fumigated the house. I'm starting to wonder if the termites were all even killed off. Fuia picked a live specimen on 5/17 and said he would get with the "insect specialist" and get back to us with a treatment plan. I haven't heard back from him. I called in today and was told someone will call me back and never got a call. The guy that came out here on 5/9 told us the fumigation would kill everything except daddy long leg spiders. I'm sorry but I find it hard to believe that these supposed subterranean flying ants (as Fuia guessed they were on 5/17) were all underground and not affected by the fumigation and as soon as the tent comes off and we're back in the house they return in greater numbers. Again I apologize but something doesn't seem right. We are now faced with having to get a second opinion on what insects we really have and how to really get rid of them. We feel that perhaps your fumigation did nothing to help out termite/insect problem. And on that note, when I called in on 5/17 reporting that we still had insects and in greater numbers, I was told we fumigated only for termites. That was not our understanding as we were told on 5/9 that all insects would be killed (except for daddy long leg spiders) by the fumigation. What do we do now???

Cindy Conner
May 02, 2017

Marshall and entire crew were outstanding. Professional, reliable, and trustworthy!

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